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Meditation and Visualisation

Penelope is well practised in meditation and visualisation techniques which is an inward orientated practise that has been around since antiquity. She embodies it into her own life and uses it as a tool to aid healing with clients by helping them to connect to their own inner sub conciousness or higher guidance. Penelope often sends a beam of light to her clients during meditation to help them resolve frustrations, fears and blockages in their lifes pathway and runs group meditations in her light classes.

During meditation the mind moves into a different state of consciousness and you can leave the moment. Through deep breathing and holding oneself in a sacred space peace, balance and serenity can be obtained, which benefits stress reduction.


It is also a tool for self-discovery, inner healing, and growth to higher awareness as all answers are within us, our soul never forgets, it just simply remembers. We all have personal spirit guides and guardian angels that help us through divine law, giving us guidance, inspiration and healing; it is through meditation we can link to them in healing our inner world by eliminating negative feelings, the unwanted past and mind clutter.

Meditation benefits

  • Stress release

  • Removes negative thinking

  • Brings in conscious relaxation

  • A path to self-discovery

  • Opens us to higher insights

  • Raises spiritual consciousness

  • Brings in our spirit guides

  • Helps us to focus

  • It is a journey to ascension

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