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Chakras               We are light, we are energy


Within the human light energy body there are energetic points called chakras that are spinning wheels of light, sound and colour.  These chakras inspire and empower our soul by creating a ring of energy that flows through the human body, aligning with our spinal column, that in turn influence our state of being. Our mental, emotional processes, our spirituality and life in general.

 Depending on conditioning, environment and general development, all energy centers in people develop at various stages in their growth pattern to a level of higher consciousness, when we have shed the ego & opened our hearts to the vibration of oneness, with all that is. A a process that integrates new information into our life with maturity, clarity. intuitiveness & direct knowing etc. Life then becomes a new experience, as the thousand petal lotus in our crown opens us up to universal consciousness where we reside with the divine energies in full conscouisness.

Moving up through these chakras, opening them & clearing them is known as the ascension process or awakening to the higher mind.

It is when there is disharmony & embalance in these chakras that physical & mental illness occurs, as all energetic imprints relating to a form of disorder sit in the light energy body. The chakras relate to meridan lines & the endrocine system that govern the physical body.

They are spinning wheels of energy that also exchange energy between layers of the aura & energy flows into them from the earths living sphere of light energy which spins on its axis creating limitless energy. As the earth is a living organism, a pulsating planet with a magnetic field that is giving of her life force as she moves in the solar system. Our energetic light body is within the earths sphere of light, so we are naturally connected to it as she moves through the solar system. Our light energy body also requires light from the suns rays, which is another source of energy that feeds our soul, so we are light & energy.

When we clear our energetic chakras,

We return home to our soul blueprint

As we clear & open our chakrs the light within us shines, so we stand in our own power, as our kundalini opens to higher consciousness

The 84 Chakras

Creating a multi-colored auric field surrounding the body, that brings multi-colored energies deep inside the body through the meridan channels


A chakra looks like a mini tornado or a spinning vortex of energy, where the small part is closet to the center of the body, with the larger part going outwards.  Each chakra is a different colour relating to different frequencies of light being spun by the chakra.




Why colour is importent in our lives

Every cell in the body needs colour light energy which addresses all levels of our being, Colour is simply light of varying wave lengths, each colour has its own particular wavelength & energy which relates to the seven main energy centers of the body activating good health and wellbeing.

Using colour as a therapy on the physical level in home decoration, clothing etc helps to re-balance our mental & emotional processes in our light energy body, as it addresses deeper issues around psychological blocks.  As we are body, mind & spirit, so all levels of the aura link to our physical body. Every level of our being has an effect upon other levels of our existence, which includes both positive & negative thoughts.


As babies we first experience colour in the womb where we are enveloped in a nurturing & comforting purple. Then as a child we associate with colour as part of our first learning processes by scribbling on walls etc, these first associations contribute to our consciousness.

As we grow we then attach many different feelings, memories & meanings to certain colours, which become a feature in our subconscious. We can build up prejudices to colors, which have sad or frightening connotations for us through life experience that are negative. It is these negative experiences, which can manifest themselves physically over time as dis-ease in the body, but the imprint is found in the light energy body.

As an example: – Perhaps we have, over the years, been in a situation where we have felt unable, for a reason, to speak our mind, or to express our own truth. This is related to a problem in the throat chakra connecting to the spiritual aspect of our self-expression. It is a blockage, so energy in that area is not free flowing and in turn this can lead to a physical manifestation of disease (dis-ease) such as sore throats and thyroid problems.

The disease SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by the lack of natural light entering our light bodies. This generally happens in winter months when we tend to stay in more and it often causes depression.

Energy healing on the light energy body helps to heal inbalances & diseases that are detectable in the chakra point & at different levels of the auraic field.








The Chakras

There are seven major chakras, twenty one minor chakras & ascension chakras.


The seven major chakras relate to the colours of the rainbow, three are 3rd dimensional chakras relating to our physical development and lower spirituality, which generally develops in most humans in a lifetime. A more spiritual developed person will however integrate thirteen chakras into their energy field, four above in the head being the over souls and two earth chakras that roots them to the earth core and energy grids.

The twenty-one minor chakras are associated with acupuncture points and lesser ones relating to the meridian lines.

The ascension chakras however are currently being intergrated into our energy fields via cosmic transits and sit over the seven major chakras to connect us to higher dimensions. This is a shift to connect people to the earth’s heart and cosmic spheres of the solar system for the process of healing our planet earth. These allow integration into 4th and 5th dimensional existence were the archangels, ascended masters and light beings exist.

It is only when we clear our chakras from blockages & draw our energy up our kundalini we become one with the sacred heart.

The unity of all that is truth in divine law.



Base, Red Develops 0-2 years, governs the Adrenals, Etheric body of the aura Red Physically energetic, to paint the town red. Passion from heart but with sexual activity.

Flowing positive-strong character, good organizer, strong will power

Blocked negative- Loudness, dominance, aggression, bad temper, willfulness, anger


Sacral/Spleen, Orange develops age 2-4 years, governs the Gonads, Emotional body of aura Orange – Creativity, Sensuality, links the heart to physical for sexual activity

Flowing positive- joy, wisdom, strong supple body, good digestion

Blocked negative- Obesity, greediness, overloud, know all attitude


Solar-plexus, Yellow Develops age 5-7years, governs Pancreas gland, Mental body of aura – Mental energy, studying, stimulates higher intellect

Flowing positive- Clear thinking and reasoning, cool headed in crisis

Blocked negative -Causes depression, self centered, unapproachable, uncommunicative, sluggish thinking


Heart, Green Develops approx age 8-12 years, governs Thymus gland, Astral body of aura – The heart center opens, bridge to the spiritual, loving someone, life is not just physical or mental

Flowing positive-Balance, harmony, new beginnings, relaxing, frees limitations, uplifting

Blocked negative-Spitefulness, jealousy, meanness, hurtful, critical of others, the green eyed monster


Throat, blue Develops in 20s, governs Thyroid gland, Etheric body template

The emotional and dreamy states

Flowing positive-Spiritual creativity, inventive

Blocked negative- to have the blues, feel emotionally down, moody, coarseness, lack of imagination, incessant chattering


Brow/third eye, indigo Develops in 30s, governs Pituitary gland, Celestial body of aura. The intellectual, psychic eye is activated, de ja vous, astral travel, dream activation, awareness of higher consciousness

Flowing positive-Serene, clarity of thought, ability to see others point of view

Blocked negative- Self indulgent, deep depression, aloof, critical, uninterested in   daily affairs


Crown chakra, purple Develops in 40s, governs Pineal gland, Ketheric template of aura, alsp known as the thousand petal lotus. . Higher consciousness Person starts to think more spiritually whether conditioned to religion or not

Flowing positive-Dignity, respect, service, compassion, strength of purpose

Blocked negative – Controlling, power seeking, autocratic, doctorial, egotistical, sadistic, oppressive




Other colours

Pink- Colour of unconditional love, everything is rosy, dissolves negativity

Flowing positive – Freeing, uplifting, caring, selfless, cleansing, loving

Blocked negative – Head in clouds, no sense of reality, promising all and delivering nothing


Lilac – Color of etheric, brings physical and light body together

Flowing positive- Cleansing, dissolves negativity, selflessness,

Blocked negative – Anxiety, fussiness, mental confusion, loss of co-ordination


Turquoise – Deep inner thinking, communication of subconscious, maintains subtle body

Flowing positive – Freedom, space, self searching, emotional stability, immunity from others negativity

Blocked negative – Sadness, fear, self-doubt, worry, withdrawal from society


Black – An inward energy, conceals the unknown, the unseen and is mysterious. In some cultures it represent death

Flowing positive – Restful emptiness, calming, mysterious

Blocked negative – Deep dark black moods of depression, negative thinking, fear, deathly


White – Purification and angelic qualities, the colour of spirit, can also represent death

Flowing positive – Purity, kindness, wholeness, completion, clarity

Blocked negative – Very distant, white with fear, detachment, isolation


 Grey – Non invasive and stabilizing, neutralizes other colors

Flowing positive – Security, conservative, stable, discipline

Blocked negative – Sorrow, detachment, of colour grey appearance to aura


Brown – An earthly color

Flowing positive – Order, convention

Blocked negative – Repression, laziness, annoyance


Silver – Mirror of the soul, positive transmitting energy, cuts cleaning through darkness of negative atmosphere, energy of moon

Flowing positive – Intuitive, soothing, calming, communicator, restore emotional balance.


Gold – Feminine receptive energy, restores harmony after harsh atmosphere after spiritual battle

Flowing positive – Personal power, wealth, optimism, success


4th dimensional chakras

9th chakra, pearly white- Takes us out of earth’s atmosphere to reconnect with the earth as a living entity. The quest for survival is over we move into joy and satisfaction.


10th chakra, pinkish orange- takes us into the solar system to send out love and light to the earth for its healing process keeping us in tune with our soul.


11th chakra, bright gold- a galactic center of wisdom, trust and power. Experience calmness, relaxation and the need to meditate.


12th chakra, soft pink- Throne of Christ consciousness, we exist in unconditional love


13th chakra, deep blue –indigo, awareness of power and ability, connection to ascended masters and archangels. Strengthens psychic, healing and medium ship ability.


14th chakra, transparent golden/white- Focuses the mind on the divine path. Purer thoughts holding higher vibrations. At oneness with the creator or god.


15th chakra, white and violet- full mergence with our soul and guidance from our light beings


5th dimensional chakras, chakras 16 to 22, Are pure light, from light beings for service based on a solid spiritual background. The feeling of oneness with all and the flora enables us to use our wisdom in divine service to the creator or god.













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