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Reconnecting to the light


To understand light, we need to understand we are spirits of light incased in a physical body. Our spirit exists in a 4th dimensional light body, which is an energetic bridge between the soul self and the human, physical energetic bodies and personality. It holds the energetic memory for us to return to our true nature and essence as beings of light. It is made up of sound, light, color and sacred geometries.

Without our light body we cannot feel, think or live as we are not just physical, the body is lifeless without it. In fact we are spirits in a body, on a souls journey having a physical experience learning in lives school for our own souls progression.

The spirit of a person has a light energy body, which incarnates through the fontanel when we are born and leaves through the fontanel when we give up our physical existence of the body.  The human body is then discarded so the light energetic body of a person can transcend to the spirit world were they have life reviews, heal their soul and possibly reincarnate again into another physical body to learn lessons for another earthed journey.

This is why babies sleep a lot as they are gently embodying their light energy body into the physical body. Old people sleep a lot as they revisit the spirit world ready for their transition back to their light body. As also in the case of shock, trauma and illness, as it is a way of healing the spirit within.

A person who does not believe in other dimensions or the spirit world has simply not opened their crown chakra, the energy point at the crown of the head. They have such strong religious beliefs, so they cannot comprehend it, as that is their conditioning and belief system or the energy points in the light body are blocked.

To understand how to see or feel the light energy body we first need to understand different densities of matter.  A lit candle in a dark room is a good example of different matters. If we view the candle itself in any shape or form we recognize solid matter, something that is tactile which we can hold, a solid mass. When lit, it has a flame, that is visible, but we cannot hold it, it is fluid like water, passing through our hands. It is of lighter matter to the solid candle.Further to this is the light illumination from the flame. This is a finer matter again. We cannot touch it, but we can see it.

Here in this example we can understand three different matters of existence. In comparison to the human body, the solid, the mental and emotional feelings and thoughts, the lighter matter of the flame and the aura of the spirit, the finer light of the candle.

The wick of the candle also represents the fine thread of light, the etheric umbilical cord that attaches the light energy body to the physical body. It is through this cord and the light energy body that we are able to astral travel, dream or meditate for visual journeys.

The light energy body, which is the human aura, is a vital part of our souls existence in the evolutionary cycle of birth, life and death. As it is the light energy body that exists as part of the god self, that we incarnate with, and it is this, we return to another dimension with when we give up our physical body for this lifetime. The light energy body carries our mental, emotional and spiritual imprints and does live on after death. It is for this reason that people often have visitations of loved ones, as also the reasons for a haunting, that are generally trapped souls who have not moved into the higher light dimensions for certain reasons.

A human aura, is like an egg shape around us and it is this that spiritual healers and clairvoyants etc work with to aid healing and guidance for others. Egyptians often painted the light energy body coming out of the physical body in temples. Shamans use the light energy body for dream walking and it is the circle around saint’s heads in churches that represent the light energy body in western culture.

The light energy body or aura protects our own personnel space. It is a luminous body that surrounds and penetrates the physical body, emitting its own individual characteristics in brightness, density, fluidity and function. It is with the light energy body we feel and think. It is our inner world. Within this is the blueprint of the physical body (the etheric) containing energy points known as chakras which open as we grow and develop, which either function correctly or dysfunction. There are also meridian lines with currents running up and down the body or around it and there are layers to the energy field that relate to our mental, emotional, spiritual and even past life states and souls purpose.

 Our three states of consciousness are also within the light energy body being our subconscious, consciousness and higher consciousness. When we integrate these three states into our daily practices of self-understanding and inner transformation we come to a place of wholeness, were we connect to all things and vibrate on a higher dimension. However part of this journey involves transcending the ego and releasing the unwanted past.

When the light energy body is healthy, we are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, this moves us forward spiritually in our lives purpose. Being balanced, grounded and centered is also importent.

However there are many things that can happen within the energy field or aura in a lifetime. We can become un-centered in it, beside ourselves in fear, ahead of ourselves in the race of life, lagging behind and resistant to change and circumstance. It can also become torn from personnel battles, depleted in energy from draining situations etc. All of which affect our functions in life.

Meridian lines can also become blocked, depleting the physical body or leaving us in a mental haze. Chakra points can be under developed, spin the wrong way, be torn or blocked. Psychic cords to people we have known can be entangled, causing conflict. They can hang loosely causing inner pain from a broken relationship or friendship. Lost souls, entities and elementals etc can also attach to the aura. Past life connections can cause difficulty in this lifetime. Energetic imprints of negative energy from past conflict, trauma etc can fester causing inner pain and twist our thought process and personality etc. These are all things light workers help others to heal from and over come.

Further to this is the understanding of soul. We are incarnate souls on the forth dimension. Each of us comes from a certain soul group; some of us are young souls, others ancient. It is this soul group that we come from that determines are connection to our depth of insight and understanding in life. The soul is the part of a person who resides in the higher spiritual aspect of their incarnate personality, which is above the ego part of us and lower personality..

Humans naturally seek soul mates as they have a need to be understood and valued for who they are, recognized. That is why we resonate with some people more then others and lust or the mating game is part of that journey, Even the parting of relationships is a learning to higher truths in the search for a soul mate partner.

The journey to this higher state of awareness however generally requires some clearing on levels of the aura on the spiritual level and changes on the physical level to clear negativity and things that no longer serve a person so they can move into a better way of being and living.

We are all born free spirits in a pure sense, and then we are taught that we are separate to others and we get conditioned by parents, school and society instilling beliefs within us.  It is this conditioning etc that makes us different to others, as also dna structuring and karmic contracts we have brought in from the spirit world. It is also from our experiences and beliefs, good or bad, empowering or damaging we determine the flow of life and it is the negative issues from these experiences that causes blockages in the human light  energy system, which then veils the higher truths of universal consciousness.

The whole of humanity is in fact interconnected through the light body in an energy web. So irrelevant of colour, creed, race or religion, we are all one. We all come from the same source and return to the same source. The rest is part of understanding society, humanity, learning our lessons, letting go of the old and completing a journey back to wholeness in remembering who we are in returning to innocence, our natural born state..

In the bigger picture we can see the planets have an aura of light, the sun, the earth and the moon which can clearly be seen, as also all living matter, be it animals, trees, crystals etc. Nothing is static; all is fluid and moving, as everything vibrates. Mother earth in fact is a living being, she spins on her axis in the universe as other planets move with her in the solar system and she does have her own aura, the energetic light body which humanity has been destroying being the ozone layer. Like the human body, mother earth’s body often known as Lady Gaia breaths through veins, being the trees and it is with the magnetic energy lines on the earths grids she pulses in her own light body.

Our planet earth is living, she breaths she is part of our vital life force and that is why the indigenous populations choice to live near to nature. In their view the current form of human consciousness is in an unnatural states of separation from the real truth having cut off their connection to understanding how light energy works, connecting everybody, ever thing, mother earth and every dimension together. And it is only through this understanding we can save our mother earth from the destruction of man. By reconnecting and changing our ways.







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