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Religion and Spirituality


Religion and Spirituality, embodying Eastern, Western and Indiginous belief systems

What is one person’s reality and perception may not be anothers, as they are based on experiences, conditioning, beliefs and values, including religion. We are all born free, then conditioned. What is right for one person may not be right for another and all are entitled to their our own beliefs.  We have no right to judge another or be prejudice about their belief system. They are entitled to be where they are in their consciousness having had different experiences to others and it is only acceptance of our neighbour that units us. Who ever god/ the creator/ or the source is to us as an individual personnel belief which relates to an energy of divine status.. Does it matter? In growth the spiritual message is that through self-healing, service to others and service to the divine, one can reach enlightenment. A union with the god and goddess accept of our inner world. This is divine exchange whatever the spiritual belief system or religion that units us as one is. It is however often our belief system and conditioning especially religion within society that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. As religions are disaplined paths of control, dogma & ceremonies within a narrow boundary, which is different to the spiritual path that is free flowing, allowing examination of different belief systems to be interwoven to find the divine within us. Religions however teach us what they want us to know, resulting in confinement, they do not teach free will and that is the difference, but they do have a value to society.

There are many religions around the world containing there own higher principles and are unique in teaching values to there group, all have a god head and a belief in some higher spiritual connection, without them we would not grow to higher understandings or accept death. People who are religious are so by choice and live their lives within the boundaries of that religion, many are content with that and do not need to search or grow further. Others feel the politics of them contain people, trap them and cause confusion inhibiting their own personal growth, power and individualism.

Hence many members of the population, are now searching on a soul level for truths, other then bible based religious belief systems, written in ancient text, that do not seem to answer the whole picture. This is not because there is no truth within them, as there is, it is simply due to required changes in the way they are taught and in missed information that is relevant to understanding the human light body which reveals a greater understanding of life.

It is through the twisting limitless open path of spirituality, that we can embody aspects of religion but not be bound to one path. This comes from the belief of the teachings of free will for every man through unconditional love. Allowing us to integrate both the eastern and western philosophies, as also the ways of the indigenous tribes, which reveal more truths through open mindedness.

This leaves us open to embody all religions as a path to the ultimate reality, which includes aspects of myths, legends, gods and a multitude of concepts from many countries and belief systems. Through this as long as they’re positive and empowering we can also grow and be open to receiving the higher values of our creator by connecting to our higher consciousness in a personal spiritual experience.  Meaning if it is of the light it is within the Christ or Buddhist consciousness in our multi cultural society of today being acceptable as many traditions are outdated.

This however does not mean that ascended masters from all religions do not exist, they do on the spiritual plane. In fact, I know they do and have personally channeled Jesus, Quan Yin, Isis, White Eagle and Merlin within healing sessions on clients. That is Christian, Buddhist, Egyptian, Native and Wiccan pathways of belief systems. To me all are one. In understanding the concept of all being one through the connection of universal consciousness, religions then becomes part of a collective in the growth of spirituality for the new age we are now moving into, being The Age of Aquarius.

 This shift in consciousness in the Aquarian age, brings us into a more mental age of higher awareness, were we embody our light energy systems and work as one to heal humanity and the planet. These are more integrated in eastern and native philosophies were they reveal the inner system of our light body and astral projection through dream walking.

Many people find they can relate to this as it makes more sense with our relationship to the earth. Observing nature’s patterns, growth cycles, changing elements, forces and cosmic cycles. It is a way of looking at the world and living in it, which connects us to universal consciousness, were all elements of religion lead to the ultimate truth.

Being that our god self comes within us through the divinity of the individual and opening up to our higher selves were we can connect to the spiritual dimensions and light energy sources of the cosmos. We do not need to attend church to do this, seeking permission and approval from god; Instead through the clearing of the light energy body and belief system, we can evolve through awareness and integration of divine energies to our higher god aspect.

 It is through this pathway were the soul evolves, humanity unites in a way to preserve the living earth and moves into a wave of love, living in acceptance, having transcended ego aspects of themselves and the programmed fear society subjects us too. As a result we all then become part of the one whole.

Christianity and Cathlocism came in during the Picean age, which was founded through masculine principles. This establishment on the masculine dictatorship of god the father and the son then ruled out the feminine that was Mary Magdalene. In turn it created an imbalance in the divine male consciousness and the feminine intuitive unconsciousness, as politics flexed its muscles in class structure with the division of sexes. Man being strong, the hunter of food, whilst women boar children and were subservient. This resulted in containment and distortion of the psyche, which in turn destroyed the natural balance of polarity in the masculine and feminine balance. The ying and the yang, which equals wholeness.

The politics and teachings of the church confuse and disempower individuals for a number of reasons. One being the connectiveness to nature was ruled over in society which connect us to liegh lines that hold an enegetic resenance,  the very source of natural power that comes from the cosmos. Second to that the theory of our integrated light body systems was taken out of the teachings, in western philosophy, so humanity only learnt a part truth. The churches also taught us that god came from a sacred text in the heavens above and that he is almighty and separate to us. This instills fear of being judged, as does the weighing of the soul on the scales in egyptian mythologoy. History also points to a connection in the story of Isis and her child in egyptian mythologogy which is also similar to the one of Jesus Christ.

The Aquarian age is about balance; it is bringing in a shift in consciousness that questions past teachings of some religions that are now out dated. This does not mean on the energetic level that gods houses, churches, do not resonate at higher frequencies, they do, due to the prayer and worship contained within the walls of the building. It is more to do with the service and the teachings that cause confusion. The spiritual pathway of the Aquarian age still embodies the sacred truths of godheads through out world religions, as they are in fact ascended masters, meaning they are 15 or above dimensional beings of light. They had simply advanced in consciousness for there time on earth. Humanity then named them gods and built religions and places of worship around them, which reveals the conscious link between them and the division of beliefs across the world.

There is also a link between Western and Eastern belief systems that connect to indigenous cultures, paganism and Wicca etc, which are earth, based belief systems. This is seen through the trinity of the earth, moon and sun connection. Which in bible-based religions is called the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, it is just wording and politics that have been changed. It is also interesting to note that the Vatican actually has an obelisk in the centre of it which is a sun dial marked out with the equinoxes and solstices of the year, taken from the beliefs of paganism and indigenous cultures, the earthed based belief systems. This reveals that christianity was derived from paganism, (see notes below) taking many dates from it that related to annual cosmic transits and the seasons.

Their teachings are about the father and the son, the male principle, veils the truth. What they don’t teach is that the Holy Ghost is the divine feminine. Information which is not often discussed as the churches wanted dictator ship of containment within masculine principles, keeping people in fear and separated from soul consciousness.


 The teachings of some religions also embody values in polarity of good and evil; god verses Satan, the heaven and hell scene. This can be very damaging as again it instills fear and holds discarnate souls to the earth plan after death, due to beliefs that they are not worthy of ascending to the heavens, even when the bible states God forgives all. In truth we all have aspects within ourselves that are either god like, of good nature or negative due to subconscious activity, feelings and beliefs. It is in fact our own mindset that creates hell, through negative actions, guilt and attachments to negative beliefs etc. Heaven exists within us through positive actions that do not create bad karma and spiritual growth through the connection to divine consciousness, which is free from teachings of religions.

Religious dogma also shames the body,the connection to the spirit being good, the connection to the body being bad.  In fact identifying with the body in sexual intercourse is actually a healthy concept as the body release’s stress during orgasm. And when done in love, it creates a vortex of loving energy into the universe, the difference being, in the confussion of acts of sex. As sex without love or acts of gratification hold a very a low vibration and in cases of rape, this actually damages the light energy body and psychological state of the person. The body mind connection is in fact required for spiritual growth, as it opens pathways that unblock our energetic light body system and move us into higher conciousness through the polarity of divine union..

The ancient ways of paganism and witchcraft actually celebrated the body, the opposite of victorian principles witin the church. To a witchnudity is a natural concept connecting to our native state, which was used in celebrations when working with elemental energies ( known as going sky clad) and the purpose of it was not for an act of sexual gratification but was quite simply to unveil the cloaks of the persona, which brought in acceptance of oneness in sacred circles, as nothing was hidden from view and the personality was easily seen. As it is through removing clothing, the ego is stripped. It is tv and media that puts a negative view on these matters as it makes good narratives and entertainment. This helped to raise the vibration in a circle, as nothing was hidden and positive energetic vortexes were more easily grounded for development of psychic awareness and healing of individuals. Personally I have never gone sky clad, but I am aware of the energetic connection to the earth’s elements. Witches also used the great right ceremony to consecrate the grounds before a circle. This is an aspect of the love making, not sex, that creates a high frequency vortex of energy others can heal from and develop there psychic gifts with.

Further more moving on to another religous teaching, being that god comes from a sacred text in the heavens above us. Is another area of contiplation being that we are being taught that he is he is almighty and separate to us!  This actually instills fear of being judged by him and blocks the energy flow to divine consciousness as the god presence is held within us in the polarity of masculine and feminine energies, through development of opening the chakra points taught in eastern philosophies.

Another concept of religous dogma is the attempt to seal the psychic eye through christening. It is done as a protective measure from evil and negative acts of witchcraft that were very misunderstood. The purpose of this is to prevent our ability to see other dimensions and unseen forces not seen by the naked eye. This attempt in turn masks are use of clairvoyance and the use of the astral body, which healers use to do distant healing. However in practice as a healer working on clients light energy bodies, I have only ever come across one christened person who’s physic eye was sealed from being christened and he was developing auditory perception to the spirit world to attain his higher guidance. The act of christening in comparison to the earth based religions that bless people, leaving them freedom of choice is then to extinguish our natural abilities in psychic awareness, this is an aspect of control. Yet the indigenous cultures embody it into the intuitive self through connecting to the earth’s elements and the cosmic planetary light of the heavenly bodies. They are known for their dream quests were they used their astral body and clairvoyance to travel into higher planes.

So were is the higher truth, the eastern Hindu and Buddhist belief system is most definately more open in teaching the integration of the chakra system and development of the psyche through meditation practices to bring the soul into a state of Nirvana. Being divine peace through enlightenment. And these higher truths are seen in the Egyptians philosophies too, through paintings on temple walls. The Egyptians focused on life after death as they new the light energy body lived on and they were in fact very good natural healers. The astral body is often shown coming out of the body in images, as also the wingsed people, these represent our higher soul self and the connection to divine energies found in our crown chakra. And here I have to mention that the whole concept of working towards temples to entomb the dead body was in a way a misconception of focus in reality to the living and alignment to divine truths. But that was because their gods were actually in souled 15 dimensional beings of light, just like Jesus Christ and Buddha and these Egyptian gods through the need of power actually took advantage of the population in there need for riches and ruler ship. This in truth on the divine plane of spirituality is in fact an abuse, as we are all equal and one. We just develop at our own pace. And this in comparisonto the story of Jesus, who was a poor man, in fact a bit of a hippy, reveals he was nearer to the truths of divine law. As he taught the masses without riches or the need for power over others, being a man who was spiritually advanced in opening up his channels to the higher dimensions.

So if Jesus taught in the open, why does society need expensive churches and places of worship, they are not unneeded on the spiritual level, however they are required for a gathering of a congregation of the masses on the earth plane. However in the building of expensive churches, there became a need to take money from the congregation to support their wealth, which also gave them a power over society. This is a misconception in comparison to the pagan, Wiccan and indigenous tradition of worship, which is done outside in nature. A connection to nature that is vital to their beliefs in cosmic consciousness and the understanding of elemental forces that integrate into the human psyche, costing nothing.

The five-pointed Wiccan star, actually represents the elements of earth, air, fire and water, the fifth is spirit. This represents our earthly self, being materialism, career etc, the earth element; our thoughts are represented by the air element; the fire element is about creative inspiration; the water element represents our emotions; and the fifth element spirit is our light body which allows us to incarnate into the physical body and lives on after death. We are light body spirits living in an earthed body; all of us have different elements to our psyche.

The tree of life, which is often seen in churchs is also found in Islamic and Hindu beliefs, as also other cultures.  It is in fact a representation of our human psyche, that includes our subconscious hidden inner world in the roots, the hidden parts of our conditioning that we can through choice free ourselves from; The trunk of the tree represents our earthly self, that what is seen in conscious reality; The canopy of the tree is a representation of our higher selves, our inspirational, creative god self which we can move into through clearing root causes that hold us back from connecting to the light and divine energies in the universe; Further more the cycles of growth in the seasons bring new life in spring to leaves on trees, a time of growth for the psyche. The seasons also allow us to let go and shed what is not needed, this is the autumn and winter cycle.The tree of life is there for the key to self healing and higher understanding when recognized for its symbolism and used as a tool of change in spiraling in and out of the roots and the canopy by integrating light energy into our souls and letting go of the old.

The way to become spiritual is simply to become oneself, through freedom of choice, free will, not through dictatorship of religions; we can choose independence and creativity by uniting with the goodness of the source. By understanding the greater picture of life and healing ourselves from conditioning and negativity. Through this we develop our strengths in honoring ourselves through inner knowing that leads us to the light and brotherhood of all. So it is ok to rebel from past conditioning, as it may no longer serve you.

So free your spirits, heal within and transcend societies fog. We can all ascend to our higher god consciousness. The choice is yours, but you must do your own inner work in reclaiming the truth. Religion whatever one it is, is a belief system contained within a boundary and it comes from conditioning. The spiritual path just has more twists and turns in it, to bring us to a higher understanding of connectiveness, oneness and light. A path all individuals can take to reclaim back their power in knowing divine truths, through the right of growth and passage into wholeness and higher conciousness.

                                                    FREE YOURSELF AND EVOLVE INTO HIGHER CONCIUOSNESS

A few facts about western religion and misconceptions about witchcraft

The Lords Prayer, 1932.  Has been modified and in doing this, the churches took away the divine feminine, the accomplishment of the work within us to bring about transformation and self-initiation to higher consciousness. As below from the book, The Mystery of the Light Within Us.1932: -


Our father-mother in the heavens, most hallowed be thy name unto us.

May thy kingdom come within us.

Thy will be accomplished by us: even as it is done within thy heavens, so be it accomplished upon the earth.

Give us thyself the daily portion of the bread of life.

Forgive us our sins, and help us as we pass through, to forgive others.

Amid the great trial lead us, that evil overtake us not.

For the kingdom within us is thine, with its power and its glory, even for evermore.

Thou art the arche and the amen.

Within this version, the reference to “Our father-mother in the heavens” relates to the pole of divine masculine and feminine energies, as in the natural balance of wicca.

The “May thy kingdom come within us”, relates to our self-responsibility and decision to bring about personnel transformation and empower ourselves.

The “Thy will be accomplished by us, even as it is done within thy heavens, so be it accomplished upon the earth” means what we think and put out to the universe, manifests itself on the earth plane.

The “Give us thyself our daily portion of bread of life” is a reference to our psychological growth patterns within, not the physical need for food or money for our needs.

The “Thou art the arche and the amen” is the arch of our own natural energy fields, the human aura, that has mental and emotional imprints within it. This changes in color and becomes more transcendent in its nature, the more we understand and climb the ladder to our higher conscious states, in divine manifestations of opening up our own higher god aspects. A truly spiritual persons aura is light, strong, and different in colors to a person who is materialistic, ego centered and living life through the physical, sexual and lower aspects.

The churches done they’re best to conceal contain society in the masculine principle, in stamping out witchcraft. In fact a witch was the local village healer, herbalist and psychic energy worker. It is TV and media that uses witches for a good narrative of the evil portrayed by an old women on a broomstick.

Old as in the crone, which in fact means wise women from the rites of passage maiden, mother and crone. Dressed in black, which is the inward mystical energy. On a broomstick which sweeps away the old, for cleansing and in flight as she uses her astral body to send healing to others.

The fairy godmother is a witch herself, but portrayed as good, light and winged, the character mother like as she is nurturing.

Both are energy workers. It is only in the mind of man there is good and evil. Positive and negative intention. Undue care or ignorance.

The major arcana of the tarot decks are in fact representations of archetypes connecting to the angelic realm, which are doorways for the psyche to enter a different level of consciousness as we grow.

The Christian and catholic faith have also taken many calendar days from the Celtic moon month, the traditions of the paganism and witches.

Easter-spring equinox, 21st march- Named after Teutonic goddess Eostre

A solar festival, when light and dark are in balance, but light is mastering the darkness. The time for sewing. -Celebrated by a wheel of fire bringing dark and light aspects of the goddess together.

Easter, Jesus’ willing death, descent into hell and resurrection is perhaps a patriarchal view of Jesus’ sacrificial mating theme of descent and rebirth of the collect unconscious the darkness of the feminine aspect of the goddess. A positive meaning of the buried treasures of the unconscious when stripped of the archetypes and dogma.

Easter egg –comes from the world egg, laid by the goddess and split open by the sun god, the hatching out was celebrated each year at the spring festival of the sun.

Hot cross Bun-comes from the fire wheel with its four cardinal points, of north, south, east and west.

May day-marks the beginning of summer- The bel fires were lit on the hilltops on may eve to celebrate the return of life and fertility to the world.

Original meaning is bel-fire, from the Celtic Beltaine festival, anglicized word Beltane, Irish Gaelic word bealtaine.

Bel is the bright one, god of light and fire. Cerununnos and Bel both represent the great father, the sun impregnating the great mother earth.

For worship of the Celtic god known as Bel, Beli, Balar, Balor or latin name Belenus-originates from middle eastern Baal, which means lord or british-celtic equivalent Cernunnos, the horned god and nature deity of animals, the celtic pan.

The may pole dance comes from the falic symbol of the witches sword and the cords that bind on the physical and attach members to covens on the etheric level. The twisting and twirling of the dance is representative of the spiralling in and out of the three states of consciousness.

Midsummer-22nd June-The sun god is at his highest and brightest and his day is the longest, it celebrates the full year of abundance. The goddess of mother earth then shows her death in life aspect as she greets her sun god in the zenith of his power.

 It is a fire and water festival, fire is the sun god aspect and water the goddess aspect of the earth. The god of the waxing year oak king gives passage to god of waning year holly king his twin.

Jesus and holly-. Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown.

In medieval practices St John the Baptist, beheaded on St Johns day 24th June took over the oak kings title and customs, who in ancient times the human enactor of the oak king was actually sacrificed. It was natural therefore to let Jesus as johns successor take over the holly king.

Samson and Delilah-Samson a folk-hero of the oak king type after being shorn of his power, is blinded and sent to serve in a turning mill. Delilah presides over his downfall, representing the goddess the death in life aspect. Then in due course presides over his restoration in the life in death aspect.

Harvest festival-autumn equinox, 21st September-day and night are equal, night wax’s and day wans.

The harvest has been gathered in, a time for rest after labour and thanksgiving for abundance.

This festival comes just before the end of the vine month and beginning of the ivy month in the celtic moon calendar. Vine and ivy are the only two of the month’s trees, which grow spirally, which is a universal symbol of reincarnation.

The spiralling in and out of three states of consciousness and the changing year in the dark and light aspects.

Halloween-samhain 31st October-The eve of 1st November, when the celtic calendar begins, their new years eve.

 It is the mysterious moment, which belongs to neither past nor present. The old is dying, the new is still unborn, the veil between both the earth plans and spirit world is very thin, the doors are open. An affirmation of life and fertility in the face of the closing dark.

Samhain then became the night of communication with the dead.

In ancient times humans were sacrificed, often criminals saved for the purpose or an aging king.

Christmas-Yule 22nd December-marks death and rebirth of sun god. Goddess in life-in-death aspect. She is leprous white lady, queen of cold darkness who gives birth to the child of promise, the sun lover who re-fertilizes her to bring back light and warmth to her kingdom.

Christmas Nativity-Christ is the sun god of the Piscean age. The birth of Jesus is undated in the gospels; the church took steps to fix it officially at mid winter to bring it in line with other sun gods. Mary is the aspect of the goddess as her life-in-death

Santa Claus-From Old Nick for the devil. Nik is a name for Wodon, a holy king figure. As is Santa Claus, St Nicholas who in early folklore rode a white horse through the sky. Hence god of waning year got Christianised in two forms as Satan and Saint Nicholas. -In Italy Santa Claus has been replaced by a witch on her broomstick flying around on the twelfth night, bringing gifts for children down the chimney.Santa Claus was also a shaman who used magic mushrooms (red fly agaric) for insights and transcendental experiences, which is why they are related to magic and fairy folk. This gave him the ephoric Yo Ho Ho and his red flush and was normally consumed from the urine of reindeer as they are amune to the poison in magic mushrooms.

Ruldolph the Red Nose Reindeer- Came from the reindeers fondness of eating magic mushrooms, which made them jump around until the effect wore off, giving them the effect of flying, which is why they are shown in images as flying.

The Christmas Tree- comes from the world tree, which shamans climb in a metaphorical sence to the gods.

The Star above the christmas tree- is a representation of the north star that is fixed as all other stars revolove around it and Santas magical  journey in one night on the sleigh comes from the heavenly chariot. An astrological big dipper which circles around the north star in 24 hours.

The Chimmney- Santas journey down the chimmney came about as pagan folk lived in yurts, round houses similar to tepees with a smoke hole that was often used as a door. It was through the chimney he brought gifts of magic from the forest, being magic mushrooms.

Yule log-From the tradition of scattering ashes over the field, from the indoor fires to keep warm.

Lucifer-From lughnasadh an irish gaelic word for the month of august, meaning the commemoration of lugh.  Lughnasa would have been celebrated in conjunction with a phase of a moon. Therefore Lugh was a fire and light god of Baal. From the same root as the latin lux, meaning light.  Giving us Lucifer the light giver in an aspect of the god in the moon phases.

Witch means wise women

Pagan means country dweller

Magnun means a magic worker, an energy shifter, like the magican

The witches’ hat came from the puritan and welsh blunt top hats, a brim was later added for fashion and the point from the dunces hat, popular in the royal courts of the 15th century.




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