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Includes aspects of 

Our inner child

The ego

The alter ego

Sub personalities

Negative beliefs

Old wounds

Past lives

Soul Fragmentation

Ancestral Lines

Attachment to materialism

Our SHADOW Aspect

The ghosts within, the skeletons in the closet that hijack our spirituality, the inner scars from the past that block our flow of energy

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Where there is love, there is hope

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Working with our inner self, taking self responsibility for negative thoughts, emotions, anger, anxiety etc. is an invitation into confrontation with oneself. It is a form of self therapy on an inner focus into the labyrinth of oneself, into our unhealthy state.

It is inner work that deepens us bringing the fluidity of darkness & light (the yin & yang) into the vortex of our personnel being, Which in turn gives us new inner strength, renewal from the old as we process our experiences for release so they no longer have a power over us. As deeper spiritual understandings bring in insights that allow the water to flow under the bridge once it has been dealt with. Encountering parts of ourselves that we did not know were there, shinning light on the inner shadow, part of the psyche that is fear based is not however for the faint hearted. As you deal with the negative aspects of oneself, as you weep the wound, shifting the silt from the energetic pain body we own from our own personnel story in life.

Its about looking in the mirror, delving into our subconscious self, accessing our thought processes, finding the very deeds of negative sources. It is a journey of self discovery that brings up issues, anger, tears, anxiety, scary thoughts etc., but it is also freeing, liberating as we claim back our personnel power.

As what resides within is reflected on the outside world as well. Our human nature is both positive & negative, we have imperfections, the ego can block our true inner essence. our subconscious stores unprocessed pain & anxiety shouts mental confusion to amplify our inner distortions.


To delve deeper into our inner shadow, into the mystical being of humanness, we realise through the work that finds us at times when we allow it to surface for microscopic viewing & self analogise that it is simply a part of all our painful experiences. It is the negative seed that creates reactions from our thoughts & feelings, it is our cultural upbringing, our inheritance from our parents shadow, our conditioning from schooling. It is what we own within our psyche, it is ours to suppress, bottle up, ours to express with anger, ours to label, to discard or keep corded to us.

It is also through our negative traits, our negative thoughts that we gain energetic attachments from the astral plane, dark entities that feed of our distorted frequency. It is only when individuals stop feeding the negative entities by recreating balance preharvest through therapy the negative entities are neutralised as the feed line of the parasitised energy throughout the food chain stops, starving them by denying access to their power source. As also in refusal to be triggered by negative emotional states, we refuse to be manipulated & siphoned by a negative astral entity.

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Healing my inner shadow is a journey I know well.

As i came from an abusive family background, with a dark ancestral linage I had to remove from my life.

For myself the journey was both challenging & enlightening as I had many inner scares to heal, people to decord from, including my blood relatives,  negative thoughts to realign, personnel issues to understand from another perspective before coming out of victim consciousness..

It was a journey that took professional counselling & other therapies, over many years as I transformed within. A double sided sword that had me expressing the inner pain in contemporary art practices. (The dolls that represent soul fragmentation on this page etc)  

As also boundary issues, mantras, positive affirmations, journelling, tears of letting go & anger issues, I had to work through, which was all part on my journey in coming out of a darkness that was over powering me.

Today I am here for people to help them through their personnel inner journey of self transformation & enlightenment, as an art therapist, life coach & light worker using my psychic ability & clairvoyance. Which was all part of a training I received with professional qualifications in each subject. And being that I come from personnel experience too from past treachery to divine intervention, I know there is little that will shock me as a therapist as I hold your hand in friendship & letting go to shift into higher dimensions of the soul.

I done the journey, you can too, it is continuous, even for me & to this day I still express my shadow aspects, but I am no longer attached to them.

See my personnel reflections below

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I refuse to be silenced & chained to darkness

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