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Our confidence, self worth, self esteem and happiness are based on our personnel beliefs, which is quite simply a perception through a filter off the mind connecting to conditioning, experiences and values. What is one person’s reality and perception is different to another as no one has the same experiences as individuals, therefore we have no right to judge another.

The subconscious mind is like a computer program and that computer program can be changed if we are willing to recognize negative or out dated beliefs that don’t serve us any more. It is only when we bring that belief into conscious awareness it can be transformed by isolating the negative belief and transforming it into something positive and beneficial.

When we incarnate are spirits are born free, with the exception of a basic program, past life ties and some preset karmic lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. Then we are subjected to other people’s mindsets and behavior that instills beliefs within us. A conditioning we are programmed to from parents, schools, society, religion, media and humanity etc. Environmental issues, people’s values and reactions to us, also play a part in programming our subconscious mind and what happens before we are three years of age is the most important, be it positive or negative.

Negative beliefs can create fears, phobias, anxiety and limitations. They can bind us to groups, people, religions, objects and places etc. This conditioning is not always right for us on the spiritual level and some times we have to let the rational mind go to understand deeper truths and higher dimensions of consciousness on a pathway to ascension and living in unity with one another.

Different belief systems concerning religion are just that, a belief and it is that which separates us. There are over twenty-one different religions in the world, be it Christian, Hinduism, Jewish, etc. Religions have a purpose in teaching higher principles, there value is in giving us guidelines of how to live and serve thy neighbor, they focus our intent and worship on higher planes towards a godhead, etc. However they also cause conflict, self punishment and wars due to rules and boundaries, containing and binding people. It is the spiritual path that winds and bends embodying all good aspects in religion that is the path of freedom to higher conciousness and ultimate truth. As the search on the journey leads to the realisation that all god heads of religions are infact just one of the ascended masters who are a collective on the higher concious level.

On the spiritual level being that humanity has moved into a multi cultural society, some beliefs rooted in religion do not serve us any more, as these beliefs can limit our conscious awareness and the way we live. As it is religion that seperates us, being that we are actually all connected and part of a whole consciousness. We all come from the infinite creator and return to the same source.

By re-evaluating our beliefs we can move into a freer space within ourselves and live life without limitations.

For more information on religions please refer to religions and spirituality.

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