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Ascension and the new age tides

Now in the Aquarian age, the population is shifting in consciousness, due to planetary alignments activating DNA strands in our souls structure, happening in December 2012. This is awakening us as individuals through transforming our beliefs and state of being to a more mental and spiritual way of living in divine union with higher dimensional reality. These dimensions embody the angelic, ascended masters and light being energies, which in turn raises our consciousness. It is the ascension pathway to our Christed self, that brings us into a state of joy and unconditional love.

To do this however we need to integrate both our masculine and feminine qualities into our psyche, so the balance of polarity is reclaimed through clearing the psyche from unwanted debris, past issues that no longer serve us and integrating into our lives the higher energies available to us. Once the higher energies are embodied into our consciousness we become part of the central nervous system of the earth-organism extending us to all levels, of the universe, through integrating our light energy body. Please refer to the article on Reconnecting to the Light

The Age of Aquarius is a spiritual movement in consciousness, self-responsibility and an accelerated journey into light. It is about bringing back the ancient ways of natural energy healing and the restoration of the feminine to bring back equality, so the axis of power is adjusted in humanity through the polarity of balance and wholeness. And the new age thinking is concerned with the very aspect that has been suppressed in cultural views of the divine feminine through religion. Please refer to article on Religion and Spirituality. It is a journey back to wholeness, a reconnection to higher truths that brings in soul consciousness integrating our light energy body that is in tune with other dimensions. Please refer to article on reconnecting to the light.

People are dissatisfied and are searching, opening up their awareness and having psychic spiritual experiences bringing in a broader sense of time and a canvas that makes their awareness more vivid in satisfying intellect and wisdom. As also many people are realising that ego and materialism is not what our life is truely about, hence the change for humanity is on the horizon.

The new age thinkers faith incorporates cosmic forces, the nature of man, the human energy field and the living earth as they attune to cosmic powers and rhythms of the earth. As it is in this truth from recovering beliefs of the ancients, the sun, moon and earth are seen as the trinity, they are the source of the divine creator. Through this truth we recorgnise that man made gods and then built religions around them incorperating expensive buildings.

The new age is also about being open and receptive spiritually, our ancestors believed in self-knowledge, wisdom, healing and insight, this to them has more value then collecting materialistic possessions as they saw through the illusion. Materialism is a part of reality, but the majority of society is out of balance with the focus on materialism, their ego self and self image. This is the illusion we are conditioned too and it is the ego that wants power and control which blocks the pathway to the divine.

The new age energy workers see life as a passage to growth both within and without; they believe in the expansion of consciousness, as it is a central aim of psychic development that is deeply involved in questions of ethics, psychology, reincarnation, sex, occult paths, relationships to nature and attitudes to other religions, as it incorporates all delighting in the world and the involvement in it. Seasons, agricultural, pastoral, wildlife, botanical, solar, lunar, planetary, tides and cycles. The elements, being earth, air, fire and water and the fifth element spirit are all part of it.

The new age energy healers, purpose is to achieve practical aids by psychic means, for good useful healing purposes putting individuals or groups in harmony with the divine creative principle of the cosmos and its manifestations at all levels. This by no means has anything to do with satanic worship as TV and media like to lead us to believe.

 The new age is about working on self-development and full realization of ones uniqueness in their own potential as a moral duty to themselves. It is the self-responsibility of energy workers to achieve their own balance and build on it for their own philosophy and practice. The more one puts them selves in tune with the environment on a physical level as well as on the etheric, astral, mental and spiritual, the more effective the psychic work becomes and the more meaningful the healing is to them.

Energy workers are concerned with the development and use of the gift of the goddess, the psychic and intuitive faculties. As also the gift of the god, the lunar, logical conscious faculties as they believe that the earth is one universal deity, a living creature, female as it receives the power of the sun, fertile, in her goddess state.

Hence many energy workers love the positive lay lines of earth’s magnetic energy field, as it enhances their psychic power and intuitive processes. Every land has its magical places, its ancient and continuing focal concentrations of power, which are there to be experienced and tapped. In England there is Glastonbury, Stone Henge and Avebury circle, all of which are built on lay lines were the earth’s magnetic field cross each other and the energy is stronger, with vortex’s that are gateways to other dimensions.

Some people are natural born psychic’s, often from a past life reincarnation, other people are slow starters with hang ups from forced conditioning. In between are the majority of average potential and blossoming awareness who are just beginning to explore implications.  All good energy workers welcome all to their path for a genuine leap into their healing, psychic and spiritual growth to evoke cosmic powers, which will manifest. On the manifestations of these powers, the energy worker then takes on a responsibility, as they have awakened faculties within themselves which are given for the service of humanity, in healing our fellow neighbour and clearing of negativity. As there is much work to be done on the earth plane, not only with people but also in healing the earth’s magnetic grids.

It is through this ascension pathway of raising consciousness that we will all unite as one through love, moving into our soul connection to heal the separation we have felt for many years, in returning to our true cosmic connection and light body system.

The new energies coming in also include star seeds from galactic light beings. These star seeds are being placed into energy fields to realign us with the true cosmic heart. The higher dimensional realms of light embody the arch angels, ascended masters and light beings from the Pleiades, Arcturia and the Inter Galactic Federation of Light which is a collective of energy bringing in a dimensional shift to humanity to evolve us in the return to love and light.

When we at one with the source we live in brotherhood in divine love through reconciliation of what we once left behind.



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