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BBC Radio Wiltshire

The winter solstice at Stone Henge 2013

Drumming & talking to local broad cast station about the cosmic energies & the earth as a living entity.

Note -  The ascension strip of light coming through my drum.



The National Daily Mail

The Eclipse at Avebury Stone Circle 21.03.2015

For full online article & comments click here 


The Daily mail reporter Jane Fryer published an article about celebrations of the eclipse at Avebury Stone Circle on the 21.03.2015. The eclipse was on the 20.03.2015 which was followed by the spring equinox the same day, so energetically it was a double wammy!

The article itself however was very shallow in contact and only reviewed what people were doing and seeing, which is why she homed in and criticesed me for what she would persume was performance art, but there was actually a deeper spiritual meaning behind my dance, drumming and saging, as an earth mage.

I got mentioned for my shamanic practices whilst playing my drum to call in the energies. Which is a deep spiritual practice for letting go of the old, bringing in new life and rebirth to our soul. As I practice the Munay Ki Rites, an ancient native craft from Peru.

her derogatory remarks about Terry Dolby the Cheif Druid at Avebury Stones were also low and opionated as she had done no research into the pagan traditions of moon phases. Her comments on myself were even worse, as she had no idea on my visionary quests, which allow me to travel the earths energy grids and go through vortexs in linear time.

All press releases are however, a creative story for the sake of earning some money and all press releases are good publicity, what ever the reporters opinion. It only took a drum, a headress, a cloak and some banging in tune to get into the national Daily Mail Newspaper.

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