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Basic Energy Science

Energy Healing on the human aura, the light energy body or personnal energy field.

We are energy, we are light

We are energetic souls living in a physical body, having a spiritual experience in life, which is part of the greator plan of the cosmos. This means we are not just physical beings, as that would mean we would be a lifeless body. A body without a soul that does not live, breath, move, think etc as it is dead, an empty shell. Hence we need a soul that is incased in an energetic light body to exist in our bodies which incarnates through the fontanel at birth then returns to the spirit world by departing from the body through the fontanel.

This energy body is made up of light, a light density.

Understanding Different Densities of Matter

A candle has a solid base, you can touch & feel its solid rigid form. This is a dense matter.

When the candle is lit it has a flame that is pliable, liquid in nature, it moves & you can run your fingers through the flame. It is a lighter matter then the rigid solid base.

When lit in a dark room, it gives of a glow, an aura of light that is in the air, you can see it but you cant touch it as everything moves through it. This is a lighter matter then the solid base & the pliable flame of the candle.                                              

Here is three densities of matter.

Clairvoyants can see this light energy around people, which is called the aura or light energy body, which is the etheric sheath of our soul energy.

The Aura or Light Energy Body

Is a subtle field of energy, a luminous radiation that surrounds a person, amimal, tree or object. Its like the halo sceen in religious art & is complex in nature with different layers & spinning wheels of energy known as chakras within it that relate to various aspects of the human psychi.

This light energy body is what the soul exists in, when we die, which is why we get ghosts, as our soul imprint lives on after death.

How to see Auras   - you tube video copy & paste

Seeing Energy & Levels of the Aura- you tube video, copy & paste

My Golden Energy Field

Kirlian photography 2006

Aura layers


1. ETHERIC BODY- Sub structure of physical body, 1 inch from body - relates to root chakra on lower etheric body which is red


2. EMOTIONAL BODY - Relates to feelings, is about 3 inchs from physical body - relates to sacrel center on lower etheric bodywhich is orange


3 MENTAL BODY - relates to our thoughts & mental processes, is about 3 to 8 inchs from physical body. Relates to solar plexus center which is yellow main energy center for the unbilcal cord that connects us to our mother whilst in the womb and is our main feeling center. Logical mind, conscious beliefs, mundane reality.


4.AURIC OR ASTRAL, relates to the vibration of our thoughts, it is yellow in colour, about 3 to 8 inchs from our physical body. Relates to our heart center which is green. unconscious beliefs, memory of all lives, imagination


5. ASTRAL ETHERIC TEMPLATE is the blueprint of the lower chakras, but is astral, it relates to our emotion is blue & is 1 to 2 feet around the physical body.


6. ASTRAL CELESTIAL BODY is the emotional aspect of the astral body & it is the intuitive level which functions with the process of enlightenment, it is 2 to 3 half inchs from the physical body. Relates to third eye which is indigo. Can accwss all wisdon and knowledge


7. ASTRAL CAUSAL BODY is the mental aspect of the astral plane which relates to universal consciousness & our divine god self which contains are life plan, experience of union with all that is. It is 2 to 3 half feet from our physical body and is oval in shape. This relates to our crown chakra which is purple


The Chakras

Within the aura are hundreds of chakra points. There are seven main ones which relate to the colours of the rainbow.

The chakras when functioning correctly give us our personnal power.

They also connect to meridian lines which are used in accupuncture.

Meridian Lines

The chakras & the nervous system

The chakras are both in front & behind, both of which need to be balanced & healthy. When blocked, torn, unbalanced in polarity with its twin, it can cause illness & negative aspects of the personality to emerge. Anger, depression, inabition, anxiety, etc.

Each are spinning wheels of energy, that we feel through & all have a specific function in our human state.

Chakras open as we grow up. Babies are born with there base energy and crown center open, the rest are closed.

Star- Divine self connection to God




Trine - Higher spiritual aspects, love, intuition etc




Circle- Lower self, physical functions & ego

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 16.23.15.png

The heart vibration & connection

You tube video, copy & paste

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 16.32.16.png

The Third Eye Conspiracy

you tube video, copy & paste

How to feel energy through hands

you tube video, copy & paste

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 16.31.38.png


We are light energy in a physical body

The colours of the chakras give us the rainbow bridge to our higher god self. This is the secret of the rainbow & the pot of gold at the end of it is known as divine wisdom. As those who clear their chakras live in a higher conscious state & connect to the collective consciousness & the arch angels.

This is the ascension process, as we clear our chakras by healing within we climb Jacobs ladder to the divine energies of the angels, ascended masters & light beings of whom are ethereal in nature. This is the stair way to the heavens.

Follow the Rainbow Bridge to your Personnal Power & True Divine Self

Man has no body distinct from his soul, for that called body is a portion of soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age.

Quote by William Blake

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