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Bringing Sunshine to Peoples Lives
Rainbow Oil Paintings by Mystic Penelope

DSCN5200 (1).jpg

Light Spectrum Paintings


A study of natural sunlight, capturing the colours, patterns and the etheral nature of full spectrum light that is present in our lives every day. The images come from photography of small light reflections from various sources, that are often seen in fleeting moments, a fraction of time from a sequence of events within passing time & movements of natural light.

I there for observe, record and freeze the image in time, to view the small particles of light which is unsolid in nature, being of anti-gravity from the in-between world, the etheric holographic realms. I then translate the tanglable non material into a solid form through painting or photography.

Some are painted like a wrapped canvas, with a continuation of the design on the side of the boxed canvas.

DSCN5189 copy.jpg
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