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Positive cords

These energy cords can help us to build close bonds to people when positive, which can develope into a deep sense of knowing what the other person is feeling, it is also  possible to become telepathic with the person when the energy cords are strong. This is how a mother knows her new born baby is crying in a maternity ward or that her older child is in danger of something. This is the sixth sense at work as mother and child has strong umbilcal cord connections on the psychic level. Best friends also develope strong psychic cords, as do lovers etc, in fact the more you love and like someone, the more the psychic cords develope., Positive energy cords hold the love vibration.





Psychic Energy Cords


As energetic beings we develope energy cords to other people, both positive and negative in nature. They are like electrical wires or cables that cord from our own chakras into some body elses chakras. These act as natural atenas.

Negative Cords

But when they are negative, they are damaging to our inner state of being and no longer serve us, these negative energy cords can cause general negativity and arguments, even when you want to let the situation go. As a person can energetically cord to another persons negative mental process, negative beliefs and negative emotions. When this happens both people become locked in each others anger and it is better to remove the unwanted cord to allow the relationship to heal. Sometimes disconnecting is the only way, which allows the other person to move away from your life or if it is a close relative it allows time for healing so new positive cords can grow.

If you have anger you cant place it may be an energy cord from someone else you are picking it up from, if it is not your own subconscious self.

You maybe plugged into an unwanted energy that is not yours or you may have a need to let go of something from the past, removing negative energy cords help us to forgive others as well as ourselves for mistakes, as negative energy cords allow people to feed of each others negativity.

Sometimes it is better to let go & cut the psychic cords

Psychic cords can also make us feel like puppets on a string due to manipulation, control tactics & individuals playing for attention all the time, but that is only when we allow them too

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Under standing Psychic Cords YOU TUBE VIDEO


Past Relationship Cords

Some people can not get over a past lover or friendship that has dwindled out of their life for some reason. This is often due to psychic energy cords still being attached between people. Sometimes its good to keep past lovers as friends, thats if it was an agreement to move on from relationship to friendship. But at other times when the relationship or friendship ends badly it leaves a lot of negative energy that we need to heal from, in this case it is better to detach from the person, cut the psychic cords and pull them in so we can heal our inner pain. This also allows the other person to move on and heal too.


Severed Cords

At times when really bad things happen, our psychic energy cords can get severed by ruthfullness, the uncaring angry person. These happens were sudden acts of destruction disconnect energy cords abruptly, which in turn causes a lot of pain, generally in the stomach area. This is as our solar plexus is near the stomach and it is the major energy point where we cord to others. When energy cords are severed and broken in ruthless ways, they are left hanging out of us like spaghetti and that causes inner pain. These energy cords then need to be addressed by pulling them back into our energy field and allowing them to heal. Which is time for nuturing ourselves, as we protect ourselves whilst these cords hang lose.



Past Life Cords

As souls we have evolved from past lives, as time is linear on the soul level, so we can have both positive or negative attachments from past lives. As we all have a silver etheric cord to universal consciousness.

Positive past life cords create deep positive connections to people, as we have known that person before.

We are also born to this earth with karmic cords, which often cause problems until such time we address the matter.

Negative cords can bring in deep seated fears of spiders, heights, nightmares  etc or we can be corded to satanic past lives etc. These energy cords do not serve us in this lifetime and are better off removed once the souls lesson is intergrated to a higher understanding.

This is why we often have repetitive problems in this life that we can not explain.



Psychic Drains & Vamperism - We all come across people who seem to drain us, this is because they have hooked into some thing within us that suits there needs. As they themselves are unaware of the unlimited energy in the universe. So by not knowing themselves, they prey on others to get their needs met by stealing pity, making othes feel guilty etc. It is there weakness and manipulations that leaves the person they are draining exhausted, confussed and often depressed as their energy gets depleted.


Group Cords - These can be either positive or negative cord attachments amongst a group of people who act of think in a certain way. As the psychic cord attachments create a group consciousness which is either beneficial or destructive.


Spirit Cords -It is possible to have psychic cords to our past loved ones in the spirit world, which is why we can have visitations from them.


Material Cords - These are psychic cords that we attach to material things, be it an item of clothing, a car, a house or even a place etc. Which is why we often feel great lose when we loose something, sell it or it is stolen.

Sometimes it is better to detach from physical things so we can move forward in life to  change our situation. Materialistic people have many psychic cords to their possesions as they often identify with thenmselves through them.

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