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Distant Healing and Space Clearing

As a conduit for universal energy Penelope connects to spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and light beings from the infinite creator, which she channels for distant healing, and space clearing.

Distant Healing

Her gentle yet powerful long distance healing works by releasing negative energies, dark entities, unwanted bad feelings, thought forms and lost souls from people, animals, homes and work places. This transforms negativity into unconditional love.

Long distant healing also helps with stress, studies, revitalizes people energetically and helps with transitions of change.

Space Clearing

Is vital to good atmospheres in buildings as it is ato cleanse physical spaces, as feng shui teachs,  due to negative imprints from stress, bad thoughts & arguments etc cause a residule energy, as can discarnate souls who have not moved into the light connected to a building. All of which in turn can cause  low vibrations, hauntings and ill health in people or disfunctional management.

This happens as all energetic imprints of negative thoughts and emotions seep into furniture and walls, especially strong emotions, arguments and trauma that hang in the air, resulting in an atmosphere that is dense with a low vibration and a negative psychic dump yard that others may absorb unknowingly. Which is different to churches that resonate at a higher level due to the energetic level of pray’s and worship held in there.



Every person, every situation or place has a frequency. It is divine light that brings in healing to low vibrations

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