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Native Spiritual Beliefs about Dream Catchers

 The natives believed that if you slept beneath a spiders web, it would protect you from evil and bad dreams. As the web only lets good spirits travel through it, whilst bad spirits and low vibrations get trapped in the web. There for dream catchers became known as amulets of protection for the soul from the mysteries of the universe.


The hoop represents the universe on its spinning axis.

 The woven web is like our souls energy, an etheric web of thoughts, represented by a finely spun spiders web

The center also represents the heart of love, the heart of oneness, whilst the feathers represent our higher divine self, that rises in love as we ascend our lower ego self.

The spiders web itself is also known to reflect the colours of the rainbow when captured in sunlight, which is the colours of the light energy body all humans, animals and plants have, although it is not seen by the naked eye.

Further to that the spiders web is also a collector of the morning due drops, so it is cleansed and refreshed each day.

Whilst the spider itself is a nuturing mother of its young. 


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