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Energy Vortex's & Spirals


Discovering the world of energy and light within

    From my inner visions, the minds eye & higher consciousness


Each one is of an ethereal nature and connects with high frequency, angelic vibrations, planetary energies & the energy of the divine, which I channel as a light worker, a psychic clairvoyant & energy healer. I often see these in my visions when I am doing energy healing on clients or astral travelling in linear time to other dimensions, places and time. They allow me to travel into the future, as also into the past to gather relevant information or release clients from low vibrating energies and move them into a better state of being.

They are also a good tool for meditation practices, giving a focus to alternative dimensions.

squared twirl vortex - Version 2.jpg
blue gold twirl 1.jpg
blue gold twirl 2 - Version 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at .jpg
Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 18.06.jpg
multi 2.jpg
IMG_93 - Version 2.jpg
purple 1 copy.jpg
multi twirl  2 - Version 3.jpg
multi twirl 3 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_9078 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_9220 - Version 2.jpg
Purple vortexs - Version 2.jpg
orange 3.jpg
Purple vortexs.jpg
IMG_9187 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9078 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9167 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_9123 - Version 2.jpg
Screen Shot 201206.jpg
Screen Shot 2012-12-018.06.jpg
white - Version 2.jpg
gold 3.jpg
IMG_9180 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_9188 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9183 - Version 3 copy.jpg
IMG_9154 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9199 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9203 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9201 - Version 2.jpg
DSCN5149 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9169 - Version 2.jpg
everything june 20009 103.jpg
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