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Handmade Crafts by Mystic Penelope
My crafts are an extension of my creativity, as a contemporary artist.
 My dream catchers are all individual in the making & design, & wooven with love.  They are authentic, as no two are the same, being they are developed from the study of recycled materials & what is available or sourced at the time.  Some have been made on bicycle wheels, others on booms from surf boards.

As an
 artist & designer I use my insghts of the esoteric world 

in contemporary  art practices to raise awareness of ethereal realms. Be it light or a shadow of the psyche.

These handmade items online come direct from myself, please contact me for payment, postage & packing.
Where as the Art Print Store comes direct from other companies

Dream Catcher Workshops Coming soon
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Creating Dream Catchers from Recycled Materials Video

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