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Psychic Consultant and Mentor

Penelope has travelled and experienced different levels of existence since her childhood, she knows life as a multi dimensional reality. Her openness to the universe and sensitivity of being a channel for light, revealed a library of cosmic events through her clairvoyance and experiences in life.

She is a good sound board and with her intuitive wisdom can give good advice to those in need of establishing an understanding of spiritual dimensions as a psychic consultant and teacher of light.

She is also happy to mentor people who are developing their own psychic gifts and need guidance to move forward on a discovery to the heart and soul.

Penelope’s  personnel experience, guidance and studies gives her a good source of knowledge about psychic activity, hauntings, the astral plane ,  the higher spiritual plane and other relevant information necessary to understand deeper issues in life. She is also aware of how negative and positive vibrations  effect people and environments, how negative psychic cords effect us in the now and how to transmute what is unwanted, having shifted them from her own life and established herself in the light of higher cosmic energies & higher consciousness.

Subjects cover- The aura, universal energy fields, hauntings, methods of deviation , spirits, angels, astrology, etc and how they are all interlinked.

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