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Visionary And Psychic Art

My art is spiritual in nature as it is art that makes something exist, that is not material or represents something that is not of the material world through creating the material form to record the image in art practices. It has a vocabulary that reveals the spiritual within by pinning out a territory for investigation into what lies beneath the surface or beyond the veils of the material world.

It is a dialogue with a deep connection to theory, to aid the broadening of mind for the souls capacity and the hearts receptivity of inner wealth in the greater universal truths of the cosmic plan.

As it is a manifestation of the inner pilot from spiritual seeking, a conscious awakening to vibration , color, ethereal realms connecting to the esoteric wisdom teachings on a spiritual quest from creative expression as an instrumental artist.


Whether it is related to the divinity of god realisation in search of higher truths with a conscious awakening to soulfulness through expressions of spiritual beings or dimensions. Or the subconscious repressed darkness of the shadow aspect of the soul available to be tapped into for self realisation, inner transformation and self growth, as a seeker of knowledge. Both aspects are however immortal, un-solid in nature, inner soul deep aspects of terrestrial consciousness that reveals the depth of the soul. In color, vibration, internal dimensional spiritual levels and universal fields of energetic existence.

As spiritual art does not negate the outer world, it is the path of the heart, not the mind, it is a conscious manifestation of self discovery, an eternal art, inseparable from source energy.

Penelope uses her artistic, psychic & clairvoyant  gifts to ground information for visionary art practices in many art forms and for her clients purpose of the souls progression in self healing by means of sketching.

PSYCHIC ART - Is a means of channeling symbols, people, spirit guides and scenes etc for clients healing and the souls progression on their life pathway. She cannot guarantee what will come through, however she does her best to connect with your spirit guides and ground what is relevant. Penelope may also request a simple sketch from clients to do a reading from.

VISIONARY ART – Is channeled from Penelope’s connection to higher consciousness, revealing spiritual insights. These are created through the eyes of the soul, integrating, the mystical and the sacred divine that is intended to empower the viewer for spiritual expansion on a souls journey by weaving a fabric to the infinite creator.


CONTEMPORARY ART – Is about Penelope’s ability to investigate methods of painting and materials, embodying the vibrancy of color and light in abstract paintings, that developed with her clairvoyance, into fine art practices .She also uses contemporary art practices to raise awareness of humanitarian issues by using ‘art as a voice’ through spiritual practices and specific projects to raise issues through media.

he visionary spiritual art by Penelope is on this site, but for her contemporary art practices please see her art website

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