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A very insightful reader, I will defiantly return.                Warren Kitty

Mystic Penelope is a wonderful kind lady full with great spirits. I fely calm and ease during the reading she great and help you with your problems, thankyou              Marybeth, New York City

Love her, very spiritual wonderful person. Loved the reading the vibrations and the energy               Moosuga NYC

Amazing healer, the best I ever had in my lifetime, she is gifted                    Jenfitz, Stanford , ct

I had a pain in my neck and could not turn my head all the way back. Penny done some healing on it and I have not had the pain since. I can also turn my head further back now.                  L Price

I had something bad in my bedroom, Penny done some healing on me, she removed an entity attachment to my aura, I have been better since.                      Kevin

Myself and others went to Penny for a group reading, she read all are auras in turn which was very good and then my son came through from the spirit world, its the first time he had made contact and that meant so much to me, Jane.

I spoke to Penny on the telephone as I kept feeling a presence with me. She picked up on a man who had recently past over in my street. She then put him into the light and the presence has gone.                Alison

I was talking to Penny about my daughter, who was very low, she had been suffering depression for about a year. Penny picked up on a dark patch by her bed, through her visions. It was a man who was depressed and had past over. Penny removed him from her room without even going there. My old daughter is back now and her depression has gone.                        Mary


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