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XL Natural Dream Catcher Shield

The frame is 88cm high & the widest part is 26cm, depth is 4 to 5 cm. It is has been created on an old boom from a wind surfing board. The frame is covered in cream & tan coloured faux fur & various wool.

There are two small dream catchers in the webbing, one is an 18 cm hoop & is 50cm in length with simple wooden beads, the other is a 25cm hoop, by 78cm in length with various wooden beads & natural bird feathers.

There are various special objects in the webbing, a natural native rattel, a wooden spiral wand, a native indian wooden mallet, an owls feather, a plated lemongrass wreath, a podded rattle, a wooden barrel tap & a stone with a hole in the center. It is finished with various pieces of driftwood, wooden beads, dried plants, pieces of starfish, feathers & wooden rings.

A unique native design  £140

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