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The Silver Violet Flame

The Silver Violet Flame, is a high frequency divine flame of mercy used to clear low vibrations to aid healing in situations & the light energy body.  It is a mighty tool that we can all use in our daily lives to transmute lower vibrational energies into a higher vibration.  It contains many quality’s but the best one I believe is the quality to transmute/transform any negative energy into a positive energy.  Silver Violet Flame has many qualities, some of which are joy, forgiveness, justice, mercy, alchemy, freedom and helping to overcome selfishness. it works at the soul level to accomplish the deep transformations. You can use it on yourself and others simply by invoking it.



The Gold and Silver Violet Flame is one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools that we have been given. It is a divine gift, a blessing and each time another ray is added it becomes more refined, more gracious.

In Golden Atlantis the Violet Flame was one of the powers that people could access because of its ability to transmute negativity, especially in relationships. So whenever a disagreement of any sort took place the people involved evoked the Violet Flame and all the negativity was dissolved. As Atlantis devolved, the Violet Flame was misused, so it was withdrawn. Only a few esoteric groups retained the understanding of it. One was Elizabeth Clare Prophet who wrote her lovely little book Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul to keep the knowledge of it alive.


The Violet Flame of Transmutation

In 1987 the Earth started a twenty five year period of purification in preparation for 2012. In August of that year at the Harmonic Convergence so many light workers prayed for help for our planet that St Germain petitioned Source for the return of the Violet Flame for use by the whole of humanity.

The Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony

In 1988 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame. When this is evoked negative energy is transmuted, then replaced with something beautiful and harmonious.


The Gold and Silver Violet Flame

We have now also been offered the ultimate blessing, the merging of the fifth dimensional Gold Ray of Wisdom with the Silver Violet Flame. Wherever you focus the Gold Silver and Violet Flame, it transmutes the old, harmonizes it, then raises the situation, place or relationship to the fifth dimension and holds it there.


How you can invoke it?

You can invoke the Gold and Silver Violet Flame by calling it in aloud or mentally or you can visualize it, imagine or sense it surrounding the place, person or situation in question.


What you can use it for?

You can visualize it burning up negativity in part of your body or send it to someone who is sick. You can send it to dissolve anything that is holding you or a friend back. Where there is disharmony in relationships or between cultures, evoke its transmuting, healing power. Ask it to blaze a trail in front of you purifying and harmonizing your pathway. Use it to transmute your own or other people's anger, fear or negativity. Send it to clear the energy of war and disruption. Picture it blazing wherever there is need of cleansing.


Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel works with St Germain as guardian of the Violet Flame. With Archangel Mariel he looks after your Soul Star chakra, which is about eighteen centimeters above your crown and opens as you expand your consciousness. Visualizing the Gold and Silver Violet Flame within your Soul Star will accelerate your ascension.


Magnificient manifestation of the violet flame near Mount Shasta     18.10.15

You can evoke the Silver Violet Flame at any time in the day to help clear your aura. It also helps to clear the negative energy that is and has been surrounding you. If you have ever felt drained in the presence of someone by evoking the Silver Violet Flame will help to revive yourself.



The silver violet flame can be evoked, by simply stating   'I now evoke the silver violet flame to release the negative energy associated with (your perceived problem)'.

It effectively can be used, with an open heart, mind and thanks to the universe, to reverse the effect of karma.

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