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Aura & Soul Readings

Soul readings are done through channeled information, they are for guidance purposes of the souls pathway, healings and clearence of negative energy from situations in life.

This is done by Penelope reading individuals auras, where she can see & sence the three states of consciousness within a persons tree of life.









The Tree of life

Canopy - Higher consciousness, spirit guides, intuition, spiritual gifts etc

Trunk - Everyday consciousness

Roots - Unconscious, out dated beliefs, negative conditioning, old wounds, past lives

We are made of star light

Reading from the  light energy body. penelope can see spirit guides, sense blockages and read energetic situations around people clients are corded too, that can keep people stuck.

Clients may feel, tingling, warmth, slight chills & lightness in their head whilst I scan they chakras. This is just energy in motion.



All readings are done to the best of her ability depending on what information she receives and at times loved ones who have past over come through. She cannot guarantee any specific link to those in the spirit world, but will communicate with them to the best of her ability.

Soul readings may include use of cards, which is a way for the higher realms to communicate through the reader or she may use dream interpretation and ask you to do a simple sketch to enhance the reading if you are present in her company..


Soul readings can help you

                  Identify with personnel blockages

  • Helps to clears current life issues

  • Helps to connect you to your personnel spirit guides and angels

  • Helps determine your life purpose

  • Identifies with your personnel goals

  • Helps with important decisions

  • Decords you from the past so you can move forward in life.

  • And much more






Sometimes it is hard to make the right decisions alone, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart, that is why having readings is so helpful to people.

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