My Story

Penelope’s story of darkness, destruction, healing, light and acsension to higher dimensions.


Penelope is a natural born clairvoyant, healer and channel for light, an energy worker who has been aware of her psychic gifts since three years old and has been developing them ever since.  She is an ancient incarnate soul,  with multiple spiritual talents, who has incarnated to bring light to humanity having been guided by spirits and angels throughout her life, especially in times of trouble.


She has always been aware of different levels of existence in the universe, life beyond the physical plane. But it was not until later in life that she truly understood her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudient’s and clairsentients. Having been aware of auras, spirits and energy fields as a child, she got labeled as different, but it was something that persisted through out her life. Today her spiritual awareness, wisdom and insights into the human energy field and the nature of energy is a second nature to her.


Life was not to be that simple or comfortable though, being she had a karmic contract with others to experience some dark events both in childhood and early adult years. Her childhood years were difficult and painful coming from a dysfunctional family unit, where she experienced different forms of abuse and as a young adult patterns repeated themseves due to lack of boundaries, self love and conditioning, which caused her to attract some more dark lessons from satanists that over powered her and abused her divinity. That was then followed by the death of her husband and son who died within two years of one another, both under tragic circumstances. And the abusive violent relationship she was in then led her to want to take her own life when she could not take any more. (Luckily that night, whilst alone, a powerful spiritual force came in and her guardian angel stopped her driving her car over the cliff top)


These events left her in shock, broken within and traumatized as her soul got fragmented and scattered around the universe. Left in inner torment of her shadow from past events, she eventually broke down, suffering post traumatic stress and deep depression. In recovery she then had to process her inner world, under go therapy, spiritual healing, train in energy healing, rebuild boundaries and integrate meditation practices into her life. As her aura was torn, she was uncentered beside herself in fear, her chakras were blocked and there was a lot of debris embedded in her aura.


Life then became a journey of healing and transformation to bring her dark shadow into the light and in doing this she broke through to a deeper understanding of life and integrated the higher spiritual energies of angels, ascended masters and light beings into her soul. Now she views the dark days as an awareness training, through the dark night of the soul, intiations that challenged her strength and purpose, as she learnt to love and value herself.


This journey of self-healing, study of the spiritual aspects and inner transformation work then became a ressurrection as it has given her great insight and wisdom, which she also channels into her visionary and contemporary art practices. It has taken her to greater heights by integrating the higher spiritual laws and soul aspects into her life, which taught her to  reconnect to the earths energy grids and the universal light matrix which she travels along, by use of her astral body to heal areas in need on earth. And she has gained a lot of insight into the spirit world, hauntings, life after death, higher dimensions, angels, energy healing, reprogramming the mind and clearing of negativity from the aura.


Now a spiritual healer herself, who loves, values and believes in herself, with multiple gifts that she has developed, she walks her talk in an empowered, transformed new state of being. Spiritually enlightened, whole, strong and empathic to others. She has re-aligned her powers and is available to help others on their souls journey of self-understanding, self-healing and development of psychic gifts. By connecting people to their true unconditioned self, their spirit guides, their light energy body and in creating their own reality with self-acceptance in alignment to the higher spiritual laws in the universe through their own self responsibility.


Penelope remains grateful to all the people who helped her in her recovery and training of in inner transformation work, energy healing and spiritual awareness, which was an empowering  twenty year journey that built on her awareness, whilst she released the darkness of the past. She is also thankful to her spirit guides Mahoo a Native Indian Chief and Marcia a Blue Nun who has been with her since childhood. Her guardian Angel for stopping her driving her car over the cliff top when life got too much. And to the hierarchy of Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings she now channels to help others to ascend to higher dimensions.




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