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A figurative ghostly image with an un-canning resemblance to a mystical apparition questions mortality, other dimensions and a realm of existence for the soul.

Yet the figure is not alone, as a natural light shines, calling the figure to the divine powers of the universe. Which is a journey of release from inner pain, a calling for the figure to transform negative aspects of the inner psyche into wisdom.

Part of the souls growth in the ascension process that allows the figure to give his knowledge of esoteric science to others on the path.

It is an image that I as an artist created with digital media from the original photography of a ghost costume used in performance art, as seen in “The Shadow Ghost series”. Which was created as an expression of the shadow’s of the psyche for the contemporary art world. A subject I am well versed with, due to my studies of metaphysic’s, my ability of psychic clairvoyance and my energy healing sessions with clients.

Unlike The Shadow Ghost series which depicts the pain full experience’s of trauma, abuse, out dated negative beliefs and conditioning etc. This “ Mystical Ghost series” was developed to show the transformation into the light of mystical ways of healing with the universal mother earth, the cosmos and the ascension process of the psyche.

Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s colour theories and his teachings of the spirited in art practices. As also visionary artists Jack Shalatain, Keith English and Alex Grey.

Call to Oceana

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